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Brown Sodium Bentonite

API 13 A Section11 OCMA is a selected bentonite that is carefully processed and converted to a high yielding sodium montmorillonite bentonite It is non toxic in nature and suitable for a variety of applications including water well drilling Benefits ü Shear thinning nature of the clay helps to remove cuttings from well.

API 13 A Sec 9 Drilling Sodium Bentonite

API 13 A Sec 9 Drilling Sodium Bentonite Quality Producer of Oil Drilling Bentonite specially designed for the production of fluids for oil water drilling Product Name API Sec 9Bentonite Sec 9 viscosifier and gelling agent is a treated premium grade Bentonite It meets API specifications 13A Section 9 requirements.


Utilizing API Section 9 Sodium Bentonite Clay is a smart way to optimize the core functionality of your freshwater drilling systems We provide only a premium grade product that s guaranteed to reduce downhole drilling friction and improve cooling

Bentonite for Drilling SOLUTIONS

Bentonite powder is intended for use as a thickener and structurant of drilling fluids drilling fluids when drilling oil and gas wells as well as wells of various purposes Technological processing of raw materials consists in the preparation of raw materials stone separation grinding grinding of wet bentonite with additives two stage

Wyoming Bentonite

Bentonite includes any natural material dominantly com posed of clay minerals in the smectite group Swelling bentonite contains a high concentration of sodium ions and will substan tially increase in volume when it is wetted with water The bentonite in Wyoming likely originated from intense

bentonite grinding data

After grinding of the dry clay samples in a Retsch MM 400 ball mill.USBMethod of producing sodium bentoniteGoogle After the addition of a calcium bentonite sample to a prepared soda ash solution at sodium carbonate Chemical compound data image/svg xmlbase64 0.000 description 2 2380PREFEASIBILITY REPORT OF EXISTING BENTONITE PROJECT OFbefore grinding to

Bentonite Uses In Piling

Bentonite is a very fine grained clayey material having a high percentage of montmorillonite material Bentonite clay is a mined product Usually two types are there Sodium based and Calcium based Sodium based is suitable for soil stabilization work Bentonite slurry shall be used for stabilizing the sides of the pile borehole.


Sodium Bentonite has higher swelling capacity this property develops higher viscosity in suspensions greater state of disaggregation formation of smaller clay particles or greater colloidal properties The greatest application of sodium bentonite in industries is the result of its swelling property.

Products and Applications

BPM is committed to new markets products and technology This page is an index of all BPM products.


20 08 2013  INTRODUCTION OF BENTONITE Bentonite is a kind of clay often containing a small amount of illite kaolinite chlorite Elo stone quartz feldspar zeolite and calcite which hardness is 1 2 and density is of 2 3g/cm3 According to the kinds of exchangeable cation content and layer charge bentonite can be divided into Na

Quality of Bentonite and Its Effect on Cement Slurry

01 11 1990  Past API specifications on cement grade bentonite were violated by the addition of polyacrylamides to increase the yield of lowgrade bentonites The polyacrylamide concentrations were so small that detection by sophisticated analytical techniques was impossible but the yield of bentonite was beneficiated so that the bentonite appeared to pass the specification test.


Natural sodium bentonite Natural calcium bentonite Sodium activated bentonite All bentonites have a capacity to exchange cations which is much greater than that of other clays such as china clay ball clays and attapulgite Natural sodium bentonite is characterised by very high swelling ability high liquid limit and low filter loss.

separation of nickel from nickel ore api sodium bentonite

SBM the Chinese famous mining equipments manufacturer that has lots of clients in Russia already helped almost one thousand investors build crushing plants and grinding plants since 2005 Good public praise successfully assists SBM open the local market In 2013 one 300 TPH cobble crushing plant with the help of SBM is built in.

meosglobal Oilfield Supplies Services Company

Sodium Bentonite as per API 13 A Section 9 used as a weighing agent and increases viscosity in the oil field applications It is used in drilling mud for control ling borehole stability and extracting drill cuttings from the bit Bentonite API 13 A Packaging Bentonite is packaged in 1.25 MT /1.0 MT Jumbo

API Section 9 Sodium Bentonite Clay Fruita CO

Your API Section 9 Sodium Bentonite Clay Source H H Clay Inc has been a trusted API section 9 sodium bentonite clay supplier for Fruita CO since 1993 Our experienced team has the insight and understanding to help you get the product you need for your natural resource mining operation Call us today at 970 250 4311 to learn more about our

Mineral Notes Bentonite Snowden

28 05 2019  As an example of specifications the American Petroleum Institute API specifies Section 9 drilling grade bentonite as follows for a slurry made of 22.5g bentonite in 350 ml water viscometer dial reading at 600 RPM to be more than 30 yield point / plastic viscosity ratio to be a maximum 3 filtrate volume a maximum of 15.0 ml and maximum of 4.0 residue greater than 75 micron.

PDF Evaluation of Egyptian bentonite and nano bentonite

Abstract and Figures Nano particles of bentonite have been prepared by nano grinding The nano bentonite was characterized by X ray fluorescence analysis XRF X ray powder diffraction XRD

Bentonite Drilling Fluids

Aquagel Premium grade Wyoming sodium bentonite used as viscosifier and filtrate reducer in freshwater drilling fluids Meets the requirements of API Specification 13A Section 9 NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified Bore Gel Specifically blended system using high yield Wyoming sodium bentonite.

materials required in millin bentonite and baryte

API Sodium bentonite clay mineral and barite Bentonite Perfobent API Gel Our Bentonite clay 200 mesh complies with API 13ª sand grinding mill for bariteveronaschoolhouse Water based drilling fluid has very little toxicity made from water bentonite and barite all clay from mining operations usually found in Wyoming and in Lunde Telemark.


Viscosifier Sodium Bentonite which meets API 13A Section 9 specification It is a Premium grade sodium montmorillonite clay used as primary filter cake building increase viscosity and reduce filtration control and suspension agent in water base mud systems Non treated Bentonite high quality product which meets API 13A section 10

China API Grade Bentonite For Drilling Manufacturers

We re professional api grade bentonite for drilling manufacturers and suppliers in China specialized in providing high quality bentonite with competitive price We warmly welcome you to buy bulk api grade bentonite for drilling from our factory.

Commercial Bentonite

15 01 2021  API BentoniteAPI Bentonite is generally predominantly sodium bentonite however some degree of beneficiation is allowed under specifications for this material The YP/PV ratio specification 3 maximum limits this amount of beneficiation Hence API bentonite under many conditions performs similarly to the nontreated bentonite.


Bentonite is naturally occurring hydrated Alumina Silicate there are two main varieties calcium and sodium where sodium Bentonite is the more commercially important Calcium Bentonite deposits are much more common than sodium Bentonite deposits However calcium Bentonite can be changed to sodium Bentonite by the ion exchange process.

Bentonite for Foundry Well Drilling

DRB Bentonite is a premium range of Sodium Bentonite products which contains rheological and thixotropic properties that offer distinct advantages for Trenchless Engineering Horizontal Directional Drilling Micro Tunneling Pipe Ramming Pipe Jacking and Horizontal Auger Boring Piling Water Well Drilling Diaphragm Wall Grouting and for many other Civil Engineering and Drilling applications.

China API Grade Bentonite For Drilling Manufacturers

YH series drilling and civil engineering bentonite Drilling and civil engineering bentonite is made by API and OCMA standard.Our quality assurance program meets the requirements of ISO9001 and all other recognized governing bodies in China can be used as low solid phase mud in under ground civil engineering and drilling field.

Improving Local Bentonite Performance for Drilling Fluids

01 01 2009  Sodium carbonate is an example of a salt that can be added as an extender In some cases it is already present in the bentonite because it can also be used for pretreatment Soaking raw bentonite with a solution of sodium salt results through ion exchange in higher sodium

Activation of Jordanian Ore Bentonite by Sodium Carbonates

4.3 Addition of Sodium Carbonate During the smooth grinding process sodium carbonate was added and the fine grain has been grinding at 75 63 45 38 mm to notice gradual volumetric granules bentonite as shown in 2 and to know the activity of Figure bentonite by

Api Grade Wyoming Bentonite Processing Used Plant

Api Sodium Bentonite Grinding api sodium bentonite grinding quartz crusher Bentonite crusher bentonite grinding mill bentonite processing equipment The bentonite processing plant can process both Sodium and Calcium based Bentonite API 13 A or OCMA specifications is used in stone litter to absorb liquids More details

Welcome to Core Drilling Chemicals

API Bentonite is a premium grade bentonite a sodium montmorillonite caly that will yield 91 to 100 barrels of 15 cP mud per ton 1.7m3/100kg It is used as a primary filter cake building filtration control and suspension agent in freshwater systems and has application in all water base mud systems API Bentonite is a high quality product

11.25 Clay Processing

BentoniteA flow diagram for bentonite processing is provided in Figure 11.25 5 Mined bentonite first is transported to the processing plant and stockpiled If the raw clay has a relatively high moisture content 30 to 35 percent the stockpiled material may be plowed to facilitate air drying to a moisture content of 16 to 18 percent.

Main Applications of Bentonite

21 06 2021  API Specification 13A 9.1.2 Drilling grade bentonite shall be deemed to meet the requirements of this International standard if a composite sample representing no more than one day s production Conforms to the physical specifications of Table 8 represents the product produced and is controlled by the manufacturer.


AQUAGEL sodium bentonite is a finely ground premium grade Wyoming bentonite that meets the American Petroleum Institute API Specification 13A section 9 requirement BORE GEL Boring Fluid System A single sack boring fluid system specially formulated for use in horizontal directional drilling HDD application QUIK BORE.

Industrial Coatings

NATIONAL 12 is a natural granular high purityWyoming sodium bentonite It is used as a carrier for industrial powders detergents ceramics and products NATIONAL PREMIUM is an engineered high yield 200 mesh Wyoming sodium bentonite NATIONAL STANDARD 325 is a natural 325 mesh Wyoming sodium bentonite.